Constanza Ceruti

Art of Exploration

Fort Worth Botanic Garden
Fort Worth Community Arts Center
May 3 thru 5, 2010
Grade 6

Vision: The Art of Exploration will introduce young people to inspiring explorers and creators who will spark their desire to reach their potential. To explore and understand the world we live in has been the motivating force for the growth of human culture. The Art of Exploration plans to use the examples of individuals to ignite that questing spirit in young people to reach beyond the ordinary to experience the extraordinary. Individuals and programs have been selected in the thematic categories of Earth, Sea, Air and Space, Humanity, and Creativity.

Program: The Art of Exploration will be a three-year program piloting in Fort Worth, Texas, and Monterrey, Mexico, that will interface between the public schools and cultural institutions of both cities. Programs will connect with all disciplines in the arts, humanities and sciences. We anticipate this program reaching 80,000 young people from kindergarten through university, teachers and families as well as a general audience in the two cities. Some students will be touched in a broad sense through multiple programs, and others will be participants in a more focused and in-depth study series throughout the year.

Leaders: The program is created by a team led by Ginger Head, Director of Imagination Celebration of Fort Worth and Milbry Polk, director of Wings WorldQuest and produced and implemented by ICFW and by Talentum of Monterrey, Mexico, under the Leadership of Patricia Navarro, Lucy Sada de Hermisillio, and Linda Sada de Rosenwieg and a team from the schools and cultural institutions. Special note: Talentum was adapted from the Imagination Celebration Model in the year 2001 through the assistance of a Chairman's Extraordinary Grant from the National Endowment for the Arts. There continues to be a continual and beautiful "learning partnership" between Imagination Celebration and Talentum.

Components: The Art of Exploration includes teacher training; creation of supplementary curriculum material; guest presenters including artists, creators, scientists; interactive workshops; exhibits, a film series, performing arts programs, exhibitions of related student works; classroom resources including books, films and student "Imaginotes"; and assignments in reading, technology, journaling, history, story telling, theatrical presentations, inventions, and art works connected to the programs in which students participate. The Art of Exploration program will be offered to the public through special events, lectures, film series, and exhibitions.

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